Monday, March 17, 2014

The Dying Ranger

The sun was sinking in the west
And fell with lingering ray
Through the branches of a forest
Where a wounded ranger lay;
Beneath the shade of a palmetto
And the sunset silvery sky,
Far away from his home in Texas
They laid him down to die.
A group had gathered round him,
His comrades in the fight,
A tear rolled down each manly cheek
As he bid a last good-night.
One tried and true companion
Was kneeling by his side,
To stop his life-blood flowing,
But alas, in vain he tried.
When to stop the life-blood flowing
He found 'twas all in vain,
The tears rolled down each man's cheek
Like light showers of rain
Up spoke the noble ranger,
"Boys, weep no more for me,
I am crossing the deep waters
To a country that is free.
"Draw closer to me, comrades,
And listen to what I say,
I am going to tell a story
While my spirit hastens away.
Way back in Northwest Texas,
That good old Lone Star state,
There is one that for my coming
With a weary heart will wait.
"A fair young girl, my sister,
My only joy, my pride,
She was my friend from boyhood,
I had no one left beside.
I have loved her as a brother,
And with a father's care
I have strove from grief and sorrow
Her gentle heart to spare.
"My mother, she lies sleeping
Beneath the church-yard sod,
And many a day has passed away
Since her spirit fled to God.
My father, he lies sleeping
Beneath the deep blue sea,
I have no other kindred,
There are none but Nell and me.
"But our country was invaded
And they called for volunteers;
She threw her arms around me,
Then burst into tears,
Saying, 'Go, my darling brother,
Drive those traitors from our shore,
My heart may need your presence,
But our country needs you more.'
"It is true I love my country,
For her I gave my all.
If it hadn't been for my sister,
I would be content to fall.
I am dying, comrades, dying,
She will never see me more,
But in vain she'll wait my coming
By our little cabin door.
"Comrades, gather closer
And listen to my dying prayer.
Who will be to her as a brother,
And shield her with a brother's care?"
Up spake the noble rangers,
They answered one and all.
"We will be to her as brothers
Till the last one does fall."
One glad smile of pleasure
O'er the ranger's face was spread;
One dark, convulsive shadow,
And the ranger boy was dead.
Far from his darling sister
We laid him down to rest
With his saddle for a pillow
And his gun across his breast.

Saturday, March 15, 2014



 I don't know if I have told any of you this before, but I'm absolutely obsessed with mason jars. There are so many crafts out there that I just can't wait to make them all :D See? Told you that I was obsessed! If you want to see some of the crafts that I'm talking about go to Pinterest or Etsy and just search mason jars. Here are some more that I found on Pinterest:

Is it just me or do these little glass jars just have the right amount of vintage, good food, ranch, farm, Grandma made it, hominess to them?
Hope that I gave you some food for thought!
Jessie Lou

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Cowboy

The Cowboy
All day long on the prairies I ride,
Not even a dog to trot by my side;
My fire I kindle with chips gathered round,
My coffee I boil without being ground.
I wash in a pool and wipe with a sack;
For want of an oven I cook bread in a pot,
And sleep on the ground for want of a cot,
My ceiling is the sky, my floor is the grass,
My music is the lowing of the herds as they pass;
My books are the brooks, my sermons the stones,
My parson is a wolf on his pulpit of bones.
And then if my cooking is not very complete
You can't blame me for wanting to eat.
But show me a man that sleeps more profound
Thank the big puncher-boy who stretches himself on the ground.
My books teach me ever consistence to prize,
My sermons, that small things I should not despise;
My parson remarks from his pulpit of bones
That fortune favors those who look out for their own.
And then between me and love lies a gulf very wide.
Some lucky fellow may call her his bride.
My friends gently hint I am coming to grief,
But men must make money and women have beef.
But Cupid is always a friend to the bold,
And the best of his arrows are pointed with gold.
If I had hair on my chin, I might pass for the goat
That bore all the sins in the ages remote;
But why it is I can never understand,
For each of the patriarchs owned a big brand.
Abraham emigrated in search of a range,
And when water was scarce he wanted a change;
old Isaac owned cattle in charge of Esau,
And Jacob punched cows for his father-in-law.
He started in business way down at bed rock,
And made quite a streak at handling stock;
Then David went from night-herding to using a sling;
And, winning the battle, he became a great king.
Then the shepherds, while herding the sheep on a hill,
Got a message from heaven of peach and goodwill.
All day long on the prairies I ride,
Not even a dog to trot by my side;
My fire I kindle with chips gathered round,
My coffee I boil without being ground.
Jessie Lou

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Did You Know?

Did you know?

I sure didn't! Golly, all of the exercise that I've been getting while just doing chores or teaching riding lessons, or riding!
Jessie Lou

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Farmer's Market Wedding Inspiration

I just had to share this link, what a beautiful wedding! Love the dress, love the truck, love the ideas....let's just face it....I love everything about this wedding. It's a perfect blend, see what I mean:


Friday, December 27, 2013

Diary of an Illinois Farmer-Dec. 27, 1942

Diary of an Illinois Farmer
December 27, 1942
Has rained almost constantly since yesterday morning. Creeks all out of their banks and lowlands flooded-very unusual for this time of the year. Not so good for belated soybean harvest. Many fields in this locality have not been combined. Not enough machines available in October; November the second wettest in 53 years; and snow has covered the crop this month. Today Judy initiated new waffle iron-our Christmas present from Ruth and John. Jane writing long letter to pen-pal in South Africa.
John Perry Hanna II
I find it so entertaining reading this book, I thrifted it along with a ton of other books years ago, although I forget to read along with his writing. I'm glad that he showed more initiative in the writing of his daily diary then I do in the daily reading of it! I think that the diaries of farmers and ranchers are very valuable items, wish that we could find more like this out there. I've always wanted to know the experiences of those that have gone before me,
I feel that the first hand knowledge is better than anything that I would read in a book from a college, institution, etc. What do you think?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Goin's on, Y'all.

Hello y’all! I’m just posting a few odds and ends that I have had saved on my computer. So sorry that I haven’t posted in so long! My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer, as I think that I have posted before. She has been going through surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatment since August and it isn’t over yet! We still have 4 more months of chemo to go. It hasn’t been easy but thank God for His goodness and for all of our friends and family. I’ve been taking care of her, the house, now I’m working taking care of my grandmother as well, and I’m down with a bad cold right before Christmas! 

  It’s just one of those years. So I figure that while I’m down and out I might as well write a little bit. Mom usually has my laptop these days, since it keeps her mind off of the pain, and I’m too busy to use it anyway. But she’s writing out Christmas cards right now, so I have a little time J
Oh so adorable! Idk if I've ever posted this before, so I'm sorry if I have! But it's one of my faves that I have saved on my computer.
I would love to have this bed :)

I just loved this :) so I had to share it! Please like to hear more.

Anyone who has tried this didn't fair well ;) love this picture, the epitome of the vintage cowgirl!

Hope that y'all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! And Happy Holidays!
Jessie Lou